Kuba is already for several years walking our dogs several times a week and this to our full satisfaction. Kuba is responsible, caring, warm hearted, reliable and absolutely trustworthy in dealing with the dogs but as well in relation to living up to what was agreed.

The best possible „review” we get is from our dogs when Kuba comes to pick them up, they absolutely adore him and cannot wait to go for a walk with him.

As he is also a dog trainer he knows very well how to deal with the different characters dogs may have, he is consistent in his approach but does this also with a warm heart for the dog which quickly builds a bond.

From time to time they also stay over with him for 1 or 2 nights and knowing how he deals with and takes care of them we feel very relaxed knowing they are with him and have a great time.

We can whole heartedly highly recommend Kuba, a nice and warm-hearted guy who will take good care of your dog(s).